Custom Food and Grocery App Development
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Grocery App Development

Grocery App Development

Expand your grocery business with InvoZone’s Grocery app development services. Grocery app development solutions automate order management, delivery dispatch, real-time delivery tracking, and many such features. Scale your grocery business online today.

Food Delivery App Development

Food Delivery App Development

Seamlessly connect foodies with restaurants nearby with custom food delivery apps. InvoZone provides user-friendly food delivery app development solutions having advanced features for startups and businesses alike.

Online Food Ordering App

Online Food Ordering App

Grab on the exponential growth opportunity in the billion-dollar online food ordering industry with InvoZone’s food ordering app development services. Get restaurant-consumer delivery, platform-consumer delivery, and many more apps and grow your business.

Restaurant Delivery App

Restaurant Delivery App

Sell more products and easily scale your business with an online restaurant delivery app solution. InvoZone’s develop restaurant delivery apps with all advanced features to make your restaurant delivery business thrive online.

Grocery Store Software

Grocery Store Software

Manage your sales and invoice your inventory with highly customize grocery store management and sales solutions. InvoZone offers grocery store software and app development services for automating your daily operations.

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management Software

Seamlessly manage your restaurants and food chains with a restaurant management solution. Automate the workflow and get important reports & invoices in just a few clicks. We help you enhance ROI with restaurant management software development services.

Supercharge your food and grocery business

Why Outsource Food and Groceries App Development to InvoZone?

  1. Time and Cost Efficient
  2. Diverse Technology Stack
  3. On demand expertise
  4. Dedicated support team
  5. Built to scale development
  6. UI/UX optimized development
  7. Flexible engagement models
  8. Dedicated development teams
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Entrust Your Technology Development
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remote team service

Dedicated Remote Team

If you’re looking for an offshore development team, this remote model perfectly matches your requirements. Hire a dedicated remote team and get 100% control over your resources.

project base service

Project-Based Model

Want to focus on business? Hand in your tech development to us. We define expected deliverables and timelines with a fixed budget.

How to Effectively Outsource Food and Grocery App Development?

The future of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail business is online. This is a fact backed by numbers. Let’s have a look at them – According to Statista, the online food and grocery business revenue will reach about 150k million dollars by 2023! Research confirms an increasing demand for food and grocery app development every year.

There is a general perception that pandemic has forced businesses into online retail. However, it is a fact that people were appreciating food & grocery apps even before the pandemic. The reason is simple – these apps provide convenience and comfort to customers.

For example, we agree that grocery shopping is a chore, right? Grocery app solutions have made it possible for us to get groceries delivered at our doorsteps with just a few clicks. The same goes for food delivery app development. Restaurant ordering apps have not only provided convenience to customers, but they also help in cutting time and costs. You save time because you do not need to get ready for dining out. Also, you’ll cut the cost of petrol and transport!.

Talking about cutting time and costs – Do you know that food & grocery app development outsourcing services can significantly reduce your time and costs as compared to in-house development? Moreover, if you outsource app development to experts, they ensure high-quality and secure app development ensuring high revenue for your business.

Let’s explore the whys and hows of software development outsourcing for food and grocery apps in detail.

Why Outsource Food and Grocery App Development?

Whether you are an enterprise expanding your business ventures or a startup with an awesome new idea, you have three options to choose from. First, in-house development, second hiring freelance resources, and third, outsourcing app development. If you are concerned with time and resource constraints and want a quality application, then outsourcing it to a good (best!) app development company is the right choice. Why? Here are the main reasons:

Cut Costs on Hiring and Managing Resources

In-house app development means that you have to hire and manage extra resources for your food/grocery app development. This model is quite costly as compared to outsourcing your project. Outsourcing app development to a good company is cost-friendly as compared to in-house development, and a better choice than hiring and managing freelancers (managing freelancers can be a big headache, by the way!).

Ensure App Security and Data Privacy

Security and privacy are some of the key non-functional features of an on-demand grocery/food delivery app development solution. A security-aware outsourcing food & grocery app development company can take care of these features, delivering you a secure, privacy regulatory compliant app (You don’t need to worry about GDPR!).

Quality Assurance and Testing

It is the headache of food and grocery app development services to ensure quality and software testing. Such services have expert, dedicated software testing and quality assurance teams, so you do not need to worry about faulty apps in production.

Practical and Interactive UI/UX

UI/UX design can make or break your food & restaurant ordering app. In case you are exploring your outsourcing partner, observe their website and portfolio. Make sure that they are aware of design principles, GUI, and branding.

How do Food and Grocery App Development Work?

Here are some key points that you should take care of before hiring a food & grocery app development outsourcing company:

Know your Requirements

  • Identify all your requirements for the project. It includes functional/non-functional food/grocery app features, your app design, cost, and time constraints.
  • Communicate your requirements clearly to your software outsourcing partner
  • Evaluate how effectively they communicate with you and understand your requirements.

Check Portfolio and Look for Previous Client Reviews

Here are the key considerations for making the right choice.

  • Check the company’s portfolio, online persona, and reviews before finalizing it for your food/grocery app development.
  • The online presence of your outsourcing partner matters. See how the company presents itself on socials.

Choose Service Model

Software outsourcing companies usually provide a number of service models for you to choose from. Make sure that you choose the model that fits your business. At InvoZone, we offer the following service models:

  1. Fix Gigs

    In the fix gigs model, you communicate the grocery app development cost estimates, time, and complete requirements of the project, and leave the rest to us. Team InvoZone will make sure that quality application is handed over to you within your cost and time constraints. Do not worry that you’ll get isolated – project updates will be regularly communicated to you and your feedback will be the final verdict!

  2. Resource Augmentation

    Do you need a helping hand in your on-going project? You can augment resources from us. What to look for in resource augmentation? There are three main factors – expertise, communication skills, and commitment.

    A professional resource provided by an outsourcing company can assist in achieving your milestones far better than acquiring and managing freelancers. InvoZone has a team of 200+ expert professionals with 250k+ clocked project hours.

  3. Dedicated Teams Model

    A dedicated team model gives you more control over the project with an experienced team in your hand. What’s amazing about working with InvoZone?

    You can start building your food & grocery app with a one-week free trial! We will make sure that you stay with us.

    Also, we provide you a project manager and QA expert free along with other resources! How awesome is that?

Choose a Payment Model

How much does it cost to hire an expert app development team? This is is the first question that comes to mind while thinking about going for on-demand grocery/food delivery app development. It is all about choosing the right payment model according to your requirements and constraints. At InvoZone, we can customize the payment model according to your needs and the nature of your project. Do you need resources on an hourly basis or want to outsource the project completely under a rough budget? We have all figured it out for you. For details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In the end, I want to share the good news with those who have a limited budget or want to start their online food & grocery business right now. We have high-quality off-the-shelf FMCG eCommerce and mobile app products available. Check them out now.

So what’s on your mind? Do you want to up-scale your business through a food delivery app for restaurants or a grocery application? Contact InvoZone today and ask all your questions regarding food and grocery app development.


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