InvoZone: Making Waves at London Tech Week & AI Summit

Embarking on a thrilling adventure, InvoZone, the renowned software and web app development company, made its mark at London Tech Week and The AI Summit 2023. From witnessing the glory of technology solutions to engaging with industry pioneers, this journey was filled with inspirational moments and boundless potential. We truly took the technology world by storm as our Global Business Development Head Asfand Yarr in his riveting journey equipped with InvoZone’s cutting-edge solutions visited the events with all valor and thrill.

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London Tech Week: A Day of Technological Marvels 

Day 1 of London Tech Week was filled with excitement and innovation, and non-stop action! Asfand Yar was immersed in a world of innovation and technological advancements. 

Have a glimpse of day 1. By the way, Asfand's schedule was jam-packed


Day 2 was tech-filled adventures and it was awesome- have a sneak peek. 

Spoiler Alert!! startups were there with awesome technologies


Some memorable moments from the astounding event


We had an amazing opportunity to meet extraordinary entrepreneurs and witness the glory of technology solutions. InvoZone proudly displayed its state-of-the-art software and web app development solutions. Highlighting the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing technology landscape. As technology continues to shape our world, InvoZone remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses and drive success.


Inspiring Encounters 

During his time at London Tech Week, Asfand Yar had the privilege of meeting Sonya Barlow, an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of the talent network LMF Network, author of the inspiring book "Unprepared to Entrepreneur," and a BBC Presenter! 🎙️

This awesome encounter included another layer of motivation for InvoZone's journey. Sonya Barlow's presence at the event ignited the spirit of entrepreneurship and the power of connecting with visionaries. Such encounters reinforce InvoZone's commitment to developing and fostering collaboration and pushing boundaries, while continuously seeking inspiration from leaders in the industry.

Meet Sonya 


After finishing our London Tech Week journey. Asfand attended the dynamic AI summit

The AI Summit

After the success at London Tech Week (LTW), Asfand Yar's journey continued to The AI Summit, where we experienced dynamic AI technologies. Engaging with industry leaders, experts, and visionaries in the field of artificial intelligence. InvoZone’s with its top-notch AI-based solutions engaged with startups, companies, and businesses. We immersed ourselves in the world of innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies. The summit was filled with insightful discussions, workshops, and networking events, offering a wealth of knowledge.

Have a look into our glittering journey

Wrapping Up


InvoZone's journey didn't end with London Tech Week and The AI Summit. The company's next stop is super DEF 2023, where we aim to set up meetings and explore possible business synergies.

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Our active participation in these transformative events reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and fostering collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries. We are no doubt one of the best ones in the market with seasoned developers and 300+ projects completed with a 99.999% success rate.

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