InvoZone & Devsinc Planning To Innovate And Automate CEO Tasks Via GPT - CEO

June 9, 2023 - Today, InvoZone and Devsinc are proud to announce the signing of the MoU for the development of a groundbreaking solution, the GPT-CEO, which promises to revolutionize the executive management by automating 50% of the CEO's tasks. 


invozone devsinc mou signing


Founder & CEO Devsinc - Usman Asif (Left), Founder & CEO InvoZone - Furqan Aziz


This innovative communication automation solution will seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, and email, ensuring effortless adoption across industries.


The CEOs and Founders of InvoZone and Devsinc have hailed this as an industry-altering event. Furqan Aziz, CEO and Founder of InvoZone stated,


“Industrial automation is a global phenomenon that is rapidly transforming industries and businesses around the globe. The signing of this MoU is the portrayal of the fact that automation will be a major part of many organizations and GPT-CEO after hitting the market will facilitate the CEOs in automating their tasks. We are on a mission to transform the very fabric of CEO productivity and we are immensely proud of this initiative.”


The core functionality of this system will be the efficient automation of responses across multiple platforms. For instance, when the employee communicates with the CEO of the company, the system at this point will step in to analyze the request and generate an appropriate response. It will also possess the capability to handle tasks such as

scheduling meetings, asking for more information, or redirecting users to the relevant departments or individuals


By facilitating automation, the GPT-CEO will support organizational growth and will empower CEOs to prioritize valuable relationships and strategic decision-making. This system right now is in the process of development by InvoZone and Devsinc. 


Whilst the deployment schedule is yet to be finalized, development is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. With the promise of automation of at least half of the current manual communications, the ultimate goal is the complete replacement of these processes, elevating a CEO’s productivity to new heights.


InvoZone and Devsinc are key players in the IT services industry with a global presence. Both companies with multiple initiatives such as the signing of the MoU for the inclusion of the transgender community in the IT worker force are fulfilling their commitment to positive contributions to society. 


Being stalwarts in the market, the digital solutions offered by them have helped their partners clasp robust positions in the industry. 


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