What is Agile methodology in Software Development?

Here we will talk about what Agile software development is?

We will also try and understand the Agile mindset.

So let's dive into it.

What is Agile methodology in Software Development?

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The need for speed is not just limited to a Formula 1 racecourse, software development companies dig it too these days. And no, it’s not just about an app’s performance. We are talking about the speed at which software is delivered and agile methodology in software development can help us achieve that.

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What is Agile Methodology in Software Development?

The real definition for Agile can be found in the Agile Manifesto and according to it, it is not just a methodology. It is not just a way of developing software or a framework or a process. Most of the ways it is described tend to miss out on the very point of why we use Agile methodology. At its core, Agile is a set of values & principles. In that, it means that most of the talk around Agile is about adopting a set of practices.

For instance; a team of software developers may find daily 10-minute Zoom meetings helpful. These meetings, however, are only Agile to an extent that it is a result of a team following particular principles & values. When you understand the gist of it, it is truly a collection of beliefs that a team uses for making decisions to develop better software. 

Agile methodology is flexible and does not make decisions for you. Instead, it allows web and app development companies to deliver high-quality software, faster

According to the Agile Manifesto:

“We are uncovering better ways of developing

software by doing it and helping others do it.”

Simply put, Agile methodology in software development prioritizes the items on the left over those on the right, in the table below.


Agile Manifesto

High Priority


Individuals & interactions

Processes & tools

Working software

Lengthy documentation

Customer collaboration 

Contract negotiation 

Responding to change

Following a course of action


While items on the right are valuable too. As an Agile team, we value items on the left more.

12 Principles of Agile Methodology

In addition to Agile Manifesto’s high-priority aspects, there are also certain principles that support the values. These principles, once again, are more about allowing you to make better decisions than simply telling you what to do. The 12 Agile principles are:


12 Agile Principles

Satisfying the customer through early & continuous delivery of valuable software

Stay open to make amends, even at the final development stages. (It will give you a competitive edge).

Focus on software delivery frequency. Try to accomplish a couple of months worth of work in weeks.

Business development teams & app developers should work together daily and maintain this practice till project completion.

Team motivation is the key to success. Provide them an encouraging & supportive environment and trust everyone’s abilities.

Do face-to-face conversation with the team if possible. Since most of us are working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, do more video meetings than just audio calls.

Working software is the primary measure of project success and progress.

Agile methodology in software development promotes sustainability. Everyone involved shall maintain a constant pace.

Prioritize technical prowess & exceptional design to enhance agility.

Keep things simple. 

Encourage team members to organize themselves. This is the best way to boost productivity & quality of projects wrt to architecture, requirements, and design.

Take some time out regularly between various steps of the software development life cycle to reflect on what can be done better. Allowing everyone to adjust behaviors accordingly and stay focused.


How to use Agile Methodology in Software Development?

Since this method is all about values and principles, the real utility is in giving teams a common foundation for making decisions regarding the best ways to develop software. 

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For instance; imagine a scenario where the software project manager and the team is discussing ways to collect app requirements from the business owner. A traditional approach would require the business owner to write down all the requirements sign a contract and get going.

Agile teams, on the other hand, would value customer collaboration over signing contracts and prefer an environment where developers and the business owner, work in harmony. 

Or, consider a situation where a developer is implementing a crucial software feature for the client, While doing so he/she discovers that a new database is required to make the feature work properly. Normally, what the developer would do is to halt the feature development for the client and start creating the database.

A developer with an Agile mindset will think; “Well, if I start working on the database, it means a delay in delivering a feature that my customer wants to see, I cannot do that.” So he/she will adjust the time and build what the client wants to see first. That is what it means to be agile and agile teams have to make hundreds of decisions like these every other day or week. 

Now, it is not a good idea to try and take a shortcut by implementing decisions taken by other teams and just blindly following what they do. Another team may make Agile decisions based on their project nature. It’s alright to take inspiration by simply mimicking another team’s values and practices can actually backfire. So keep things simple and be original.

One thing that stands out the most in a highly functional Agile team is their practices and these practices are a direct result of the agile principles and values. More important than what practices they are relying on is the question of why use agile software development?

For example; a team might start off with Agile Scrum methodology in software development but end up adopting Kanban at a later stage of the SDLC. A team might begin with daily huddles in the conference room but later decide it works best if everyone connects through Zoom from their desks.


Like discussed earlier, it perfectly alright to look at practices of successful Agile teams for inspiration but just copying them will not make you agile. Your principles & values will.

How you select your practices will determine the Agile methodology’s success or failure.

Finding the right Agile team can be rather challenging, especially if you are a startup in the post-Covid era. It’s a good idea to consult experts in the field.

If you are seeking help in this regard or looking to hire agile developers, get in touch with InvoZone.


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