Trending Mobile App Ideas to Invest in 2021

Here we will look into some trending app ideas.

We will also learn why these ideas are highly investable.

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Trending Mobile App Ideas to Invest in 2021

“I think the biggest change, and the one we’re already starting to see take shape, is that globally the majority of internet usage will be done via a mobile device and for most people, the mobile web will be their primary – if not their only – way of experiencing the internet.”-Peter Rojas, co-founder of Engadget and Gizmodo

Mobile applications have become an extension of ourselves & life without them is unimaginable. Be it communications, shopping, banking, or socializing, we can now do it all with a single tap. The dependency on smartphones and the unprecedented surge in demand for online services are paving way for innovative mobile app ideas. This business model is The Holy Grail that is fast becoming an investor & startup favorite.

According to Statista:

Trending Mobile App Ideas

There’s fierce competition in this market and new players are coming up with different mobile app ideas constantly. Outsourcing top app development companies only will not ensure success. To stand out from the crowd, newcomers have to get creative with their mobile app development ideas. If you are a startup looking for some inspiration, these trending ideas for mobile applications might be helpful.

Top 3 Trending Mobile App Ides 

AI-powered Augmented Reality 

“There are over 2 billion digital buyers in the world and more than half of them prefer making purchases through a smartphone.” – Ecommerce Guide.

Augmented Reality sounds like something straight out of science fiction. However, it is a reality now and is available in the palm of our hands. This innovation places digital visuals in the real world and makes them part of our surroundings.


Mobile apps like IKEA Place and Shopify AR are using the power of AI to give customers an amazing buying experience. It allows buyers to make products part of their home before they make a purchase, making the overall experience even better than shopping in person. This market is not saturated yet and there’s still a lot of room for improvement, which makes it one of the best mobile app ideas at the moment.

On-Demand Mobile Apps

Gone are the days when the only way to get your favorite burger was to go to the nearest Mcdonald’s outlet. Today, people can choose between a physical location or an online food delivery application, and in most cases, the latter seems to be the go-to option.

On-demand services give users the convenience of getting what they want, where they want, and when they want. Netflix, Uber Eats, and Zoom are some of the examples and have become household names. Achievements in mobile app development are making access to almost any product/service possible from the comfort of home.


According to Statista, on-demand mobile apps attract over 22 million people every year and the industry is expected to hit a staggering $335 billion in the next 4 years. These projections point to increasing demand for this genre of online services and make it one of the most investable mobile app ideas.

Educational Apps

Just like every other walk of life, the COVID-19 crisis has transformed the modern educational system too. People are now in pursuit of safe & healthy options and online education seems to be the most reliable one. According to reports, the eLearning industry was growing at a decent pace annually, even before the pandemic. The Coronavirus chaos, however, served as a catalyst, and the online education economy is expected to rake in a massive $336.98 billion by 2026.

The year 2020 saw millions of Americans opting for homeschooling amid the lockdown. Homeschools have been around for decades but the global shutdown highlighted them even more. If you plan on developing an educational app, targeting the homeschooling niche might be a good idea.

The truth is that technology is constantly changing and so are people’s needs. What’s relevant now might be obsolete in a couple of months or years. The key to success is staying up-to-date with the latest trends and having an in-depth understanding of the market. 

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