Do you know that the travel and tourism software development industry has grown immensely during the last few years? Technology is transforming our daily lives everywhere. It isn’t just confined to our work anymore. Technology takes care of our health, education, communication, leisure, and vacations! 

In the past few years, the impact of technology in tourism industry is immense. Technology has played a key role in transforming the way we plan, make arrangements, and go to our tourist destinations. We can see many successful use-cases where the travel and tourism industry and consumers are using the technology. 

In this article, I will be sharing the latest trends in travel and tourism software development. Let’s see how technology is changing the travel and tourism industry. 

AI’s impact on Travel and Tourism Software Development

There are several use cases of AI in travel & tourism. One of them is big data analytics. How do you attract customers to tourist destinations? By knowing them, their preferences, and expectations. AI tools can help to model the behavior of the customers. For example, Travlytix is a smart-marketing tool for airlines, travel companies, and eCommerce stores that aim to increase bookings and ancillary sales. It identifies potential travelers and directs them towards the bottom of the sales funnel via AI-powered digital marketing. This is the powerful impact of technology in the tourism industry! We can control the market with the help of AI.

Furthermore, AI-based chatbots are in huge demand in the travel industry. Users interact with chatbots for their queries and booking. This way, there are no issues of time-zone differences, as the chatbots are avaible24/7 to the customers. This is a win-win situation for both customers and the tourism business. 

Here is an interesting blog post on the importance of chatbots in the travel and tourism industry.

The Trend of Digital and Virtual Tourism Amid COVID-19

Coronavirus has caused a massive decline in the travel and tourism industry. However, the pandemic has also given rise to new ventures in technology – especially in the department of travel and tourism software development. According to BBC:

In the absence of travelers, tourism boards, hotels, and destinations have turned to virtual reality (VR) – a technology still in its relative infancy – to keep would-be visitors interested and prepare for the long road to recovery.”

Virtual tourism is one of the saviors among technological developments in the travel industry amid coronavirus.

Smart Travel – IoT Technology and Tourism

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

This is an era of IoT. People like to live smart and travel smart. IoT solution comprises multiple connected devices that work in liaison to make your travel experience luxurious. Some hi-tech hotels already provide travel and tourism apps that enable their visitors to interact with the room thermostat, control the television set, or track their routes. This year will see more advancement in smart traveling.

The Role of Blockchain in Travel and Tourism Software Development

Blockchain is not just limited to crypto-currencies. This technology is playing a key role in building amazing travel and tourism software products. The tourism industry heavily relies upon different entities communicating sensitive information to each other, including personal and financial information. Blockchain makes managing critical information with high reliability and security due to its decentralized ledger system.

Omni-channel Tourism Websites and Apps

The role of eCommerce in travel and tourism cannot be undermined. 2021 is the year where we must focus on omnichannel e-commerce and travel & tourism software development. Most of the customers use their smartphones to access tourism websites for information and bookings. Therefore, your website must work well on mobile phones as well!

Wrapping up, it is evident that the impact of technology on the travel industry cannot be undermined. In this article, we have seen that how technology is changing the travel and tourism industry. If you have any questions or ideas regarding travel and tourism software development, feel free to contact InvoZone.





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