Bespoke Vs Off-The-Shelf | Which Software Should You Choose?

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Bespoke Vs Off-The-Shelf | Which Software Should You Choose?

Bespoke Vs Off-The-Shelf | Which Software Should You Choose?

In today’s market, there is an increasing need to grow a business online to succeed or reach further. As the world moves on and develops better methods of doing business, it has become important to invest in software. Not only would this help the business stand out from the rest in the same market, but also add to its success. However, when you are aiming to get software for your company, there are usually two options to choose from, Off-the-shelf or Bespoke software.

In other words, you can either choose to buy mass-market software or you can request a new one which is custom-made for you. The ultimate choice belongs to the business in how would they like to move themselves, their budget, specifications required and several other factors. If you are looking to choose between software types for your business then here are some of the difference you should consider before making a decision:

Return on Investment (RoI)

In the case of off-the-shelf software, you might be paying less but that doesn’t mean that this payment will be a one-time payment. Different enterprise software has various “useful” features stored only in premium packages or subscription-based packages. Moreover, a business can make use of a free (or limited) software version for only so long. As the business grows, so will the people who will use that software, and this will add to the cost. This, combined with monthly premium cost can eventually lead to the software becoming more of a liability than you ever expected.

When it comes to bespoke software, the solution that you are looking for is exactly in the one you created. Although the cost of bespoke software is higher, it will fit the business idea that you are trying to develop. Hence, it will fit your business needs. Plus, there are no additional costs, no monthly subscriptions or license renewals, and doesn’t require constant changes either. It is an investment that will pay off.

Ease of Customization

These days, whatever task you want is most likely found in some software or the other. However, there might be no software that provides you with the exact kind of software that you are looking for. There is some form of compromise that has to be made because of the feature they provide. A basic example is Microsoft Word, where not everyone uses all the features it provides, but they are there for someone. This is the case for off-the-shelf products.

Bespoke products let you enjoy full control of the software features. Since they are designed to tackle your own unique needs, you don’t have to make any compromise, neither there are any additional features. Since the software is custom-built, you can add more features to it in the future as well; that is, depending on your business’s needs.

Manufacturer’s Support

Off-the-shelf software entertains a large group of people, and so they have a complete procedure for their help and support. For example, there might be live chats, forums, or email methods and online communities where you may ask your queries. However, even with all these channels, a proper response may not always be possible.

On the other hand, since the people you trust made the bespoke software, they are also reachable. You can establish direct communication with the party that built your software, allowing you to ask questions straight from the developers. They can provide you with a proper fix and edit, which is much more efficient.

Security Issues

Just by a simple Google search, one can see how much of a security risk is involved with your commercial off-the-shelf software. In some cases, reports tell that up to 57% of such software are prone to having some form of a security vulnerability. The ease of access to this software comes with a price that no business should pay. That is why it is much safer to use custom-built, or bespoke, software instead. Again, the custom-built software takes into account your entire business plan, which also includes the security level you want to maintain. This makes it harder for cybercriminals to roam near your software, greatly reducing the risk of attack.

Conclusively, there is quite a remarkable difference between bespoke software and commercial off-the-shelf. Your business must find the right fit for its needs, taking into consideration the long-term plans. Oftentimes, short-term pain can lead to long-term gain. InvoZone, with its years of experience in custom-built software development, makes sure that your business idea gets the software it deserves. Many companies have shifted to using bespoke software, finding it more efficient and beneficial. Make sure that you make the right choice as well!




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