Zoom’s Focus Mode will get students to focus.. no matter what!!!

August 12, 2021 | 3 minutes read

Zooms’ new feature “Focus Mode” refrains  students from getting distracted during classes.

Zoom has announced its new feature  called  Focus Mode which it says is meant to halt the students from getting distracted while in the virtual classroom . This mode also allows the teachers to keep a strict eye on every participants According to Zoom, this feature can be enabled for groups, accounts, or even for the individual users.

How Does This Feature Works?

When activated the Focus mode will make it so that the participants of the meeting won’t be able to see each other screen shares.Whilst the host will be able to see each participants’ webcam. Focus mode is quite useful and not complex at all. For instance a teacher can turn on the focus mode while presenting and then can turn it off when it’s time for class discussion.

The student will be able to see the teachers’ video or screen share that are spotlighted by the host. And other participants’ names and emoji reactions.

The participants in the meeting will only be able to see themselves, or screen share from host and names of other participants
Image: Zoom
The host will be able will be to see and monitor every  participants

How to Enable Focus Mode in a Meeting?

Actually this is quite easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Start a meeting as host or co-host
  2. Click on More  on the meeting toolbar.
  3. Tap on Start focus Mode. And click to start to confirm or select don’t ask me again just to complete the confirmation process.
  4. Keep in mind that when the focus mode is enabled, you and your participants are notified on the top window. The focus icon will also be active on the top left  corner.  The focus mode icon looks like the picture below:


If you want to know how about you can enable this mode as an individual user or for a group. Click here