Zoom is launching a live translation feature with 30 languages

September 14, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Zoom is including live translation services and is also coming to Facebook VR

Zoom has announced several new features that aim to aid its millions of users in the transition to a hybrid workforce. The video teleconferencing software plans to expand its support for automatic live translation. And also turns its whiteboard feature into a more fully featured app.

These changes were announced by the company at the Zoomtopia conference on Monday. The automatic translation services in English were announced to be coming to free Zoom accounts in February 2021. Now the company has revealed that it “plans to provide real-time transcription for (as many as 30 additional languages) by the end of next year. Furthermore, the company plans “to support real-time translation across as many as 12 languages by the end of next year.”

Zoom did not share details about which languages will be supported. Moreover, the company is also working on the Whiteboard experience feature. This feature will be available on the web and on outside calls and meetings. Later this year when this feature will roll out the users will find the Whiteboard tab. Next year, Zoom also plans to work with Facebook and Whiteboard features to enable the users to access both features in virtual reality.

Zoom has a large number of users all around the globe. Accounting for both the paid as well as the free user’s  Zoom has 300 million daily meeting participants. Zoom with an increased number of users each and every day is bringing more innovations to its platform to facilitate its users.

Earlier, in the month of August Zoom announced its “Focus Feature” that allowed the participants of the meeting to focus more by handing down more control to the organizer of the meeting.