Xiaomi robot dog can track human faces and speech

August 11, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Xiaomi announced a robot named cyber dog that is surprisingly capable of tracking human faces and speech.

Xiaomi unveiled an open-source quadruped robot intended for the developers  to build upon and create applications for. The machine resembles a beefier version of Boston Dynamics Spot, and is a showcase for Xiaomi engineering know-how , in addition to servo motors. 

What can this robot do?

This robot is gaining attention because of its ability to experience the world. A quadruped robot  has 11 sensors on its body, with inclusion of cameras, GPS,touch and  ultrasonic sensors to aid it in sensing the environment. In addition to this, it can follow its owner like a real dog and can navigate through obstacles. 

Hey this pup can clap and jiggle now:

Yes..cyber dog can perform tricks like normal dogs. Like it can slowly rotate to see who is talking. It also does the weird jiggle, as if trying to shake off water that wasn’t there. At the behest of the controller it can clap, back flip, and hind legs too.It also shows expressions of being surprised as anyone else.

Credits : Xiaomi

General Specifications:

According to Tech Radar the specifications of this robot are given below

  • It weighs 3kg
  • Has 3.2 meter per second max speed
  • 6 microphones
  • Uses motors with 32nm maximum torque
  • Has large array of camera and imaging sensors
  • 128GB on-board storage

Can Connect with Smartphones!!

Yes, this robot mutt can connect to your smartphone.And its sensors  comprehend emotions as well as speech are making it popular in the robotics industry. It seems Xiaomi has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) a lot.

Rather than selling it as a general sale product, for now the company is releasing 1000 of this thing to Xiaomi fans, robotics enthusiasts and engineers for the purpose of jointly exploring the immense possibility of Cyber Dog. This will be facilitated by an open-source community, created by Xiaomi. This can be followed by construction of the robotics laboratory to lay path for future inventions and innovations