World’s First End To End Software For Electronics Industry Luminovo Nabs €11M

August 19, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Munich-based Luminovo gets €11M for its AI platform to revolutionize the electronic industry.

Luminovo, an AI platform with an aim to transform the electronics industry, secures funding of €11M.  In a seed round led by Chalfen Ventures-alongside Tencent, Khadjavi Capital Partners, Verve Ventures also including existing investors Cherry Ventures and La Famiglia.

The startup is the manifestation of fact that technology can truly transform any industry. Such as health, education, finance, tourism and now electronics is also no exception. Especially, the use of AI in each and every sector of society has truly changed  the whole landscape.  That’s why many AI based startups for facilitating various industries like health and finance etc are also popping up- such as Kalendar, StoryChief, Peech and Docsumo etc.

Now Luminovo with an aim to transform the electronic industry with its AI powered software connects all parts of the hardware chain together to save time and money.  It does this in a number of ways, including giving all partners more visibility over the processes, automating many manual and repetitive tasks that reduce effiency  and  environmental impact at every stage of the journey.

Founded by Sebastian Schaal and Timon Ruban in 2020 in Munich after their graduation studies in Stanford. The startup wants to use this funding to finance the transformation of the electronics industry. Furthermore, accelerating its product development  as well as growing its product engineering and revenue teams.

End To End Software Luminovo
Luminovo team. Image Credits: Luminovo

The startup is on a mission to bring innovations faster to everyone by reducing the resources and time needed to go from an idea to market ready electronic product. As per Luminovo it is building a next generation software suite for the electronics industry based on the collaborative approach and automation to allow seamless communication throughout the entire value chain and advance engineering and overhead processes.