AI Observability Platform,Why Labs Gets $10M In Series A Funding

November 05, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Why labs, a machine learning startup that aids the data teams in monitoring their AI models have raised $10M in Series A funding.

A Seattle-based startup WhyLabs that helps the teams in monitoring the health of AI models has recently raised $10 million in Series A funding. Tech Crunch Reported

The funding round was led by Defy Partners and Andrew Ng’s AI Fund. Other investors present were Madrona Venture Group and  Bezos Expeditions. This platform is quite useful as many businesses nowadays are using AI to improve their business operations and WhyLabs enables the companies to monitor, comprehend and improve their AI applications. 

Founder and CEO Alessya (Labzhinova) Visnjic noted that every company that constructs AI models struggles with transparency and observability of how they operate in production. It is completely a different thing to train a model and to ensure that the model continues to work as expected and the data that fuels it remains trustworthy. 

Alessya Visnjic, CEO at WhyLabs further said:

“AI observability is mission-critical for production ML applications. At WhyLabs we are removing barriers for the adoption of this essential technology.”

By utilizing WhyLabs the companies can dramatically reduce the manual operations and can focus on shipping reliable AI-powered solutions quickly. The company has diverse clients from different industries like fintech, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, real estate, logistics, and manufacturing.

And during the course of last year, the startup has made it easy for the data teams to utilize its service in large part. As it launched its SaaS platform with a free self-serve tier.

The WhyLabs team plans to utilize the new funding to expand its team. The company also aims to improve its support for streaming data and real-time AI applications.