Why Apple Card is failing as a  payment method?

September 17, 2021 | 1 minutes read

Apple card is failing as a payment method for customers who are trying to pre-order iPhone 13 from Apple Website.

Many customers who are trying to pre-order iPhone 13 from the Apple website are facing problems in doing so because of the Apple Card that is failing as a payment method as  reported by the Apple Insider

Users have also taken Twitter to report the issue. Most of the users are saying that an unknown error is appearing on the checkout page on the Apple store, pushing the customers to choose a different payment method.

It is no doubt that placing a pre-order for an iPhone has always been a difficult process. But unfortunately, this issue with Apple Card is creating more problems for customers. Many customers are looking for ways to get rid of this problem however updating the payment method can prove to be useful.

Apple earlier this week in its much anticipated Apple event released its long-awaited products. It seems like troubles for Apple are not ending because this week Apple had to issue its emergency security update amidst warnings of virus attacks. The tech company also had to face severe privacy backlash this month because of its initiative of scanning users’ devices to curb the spread of child sexual material.