Whatsapp will convert your voice messages into text

September 13, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Whatsapp is going to release its new voice transcription feature. 

WhatsApp soon is going to unveil its new feature that will convert voice messages into text. Whatsapp already offers the voice notes feature that recently got updated to manage the playback speed. 

WEbetaInfo, the platform that tracks the latest features on WhatsApp has spotted the new features in the works. Furthermore, the platform reveals that transcription will be done completely on the user’s devices, so Facebook and Whatsapp won’t be able to access these messages. Users after accepting the app to access the speech recognition will be able to try the transcription feature with a new transcript section. And when a message is transcripted for the first time its transcription will be saved locally in the WhatsApp database. So it would be needed to transcript it again and again if you want to see its transcription later.

As this feature is still in the process of development so WhatsApp public beta testers still won’t be able to try it.

Moreover, it is being indicated that the feature will be optional, and to activate the feature users will have to provide one-time device permission for activation. The feature is being tested on iOS devices, although the messaging app will also extend it to Android devices.

This feature is not the only one released by WhatsApp this year, the Facebook-owned messaging platform is planning to roll out plenty of new features. Last week, WhatsApp announced its new feature of message reactions allowing the users to give reactions to messages just like Facebook and Instagram. Although this feature is not available but will be released soon. The app is also designing big messaging/chat bubbles. WhatsApp is also going to enhance its encryption options, allowing the encrypted messages to be stored in Google Drive or iCloud.