Webio Rolls Out $4 Million For Making Credit Conversation Simpler With Its AI Platform

June 16, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Dublin-based Webio announced a $4 million funding for its credit conversational AI platform. 

The Series A investment round was fronted by Finch Capital. Founded in 2016 by Cormac O’Neill, Mark Oppermann, and Paul Sweeney, the startup aims to help clients with financial services, insurance, and other financial sectors to easily communicate with their customers regarding credit, payments, and collections. 

The transition to online spending has increased the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options with many companies entering the market such as Klarna and Afterpay. However, such solutions are projected to reach $3.98 trillion by 2030.

How Webio come into form?

Webio’s co-founder and CEO ​​Cormac O’Neill shared:

“Conversations about money are stressful and difficult, not only for the customer but also for agents tasked with having these conversations. Going digital means companies can create a whole new set of digital experiences that help customers feel more confident in having those difficult conversations and ultimately, stop them from falling into unnecessary and significant financial difficulty,”

To overcome this situation, Webio emerged as a means for having a smooth conversation with the customers throughout the credit journey. According to the startup, the key selling point of Webio lies in its ability to “move the needle” in predicting the conversation outcomes by analyzing what’s said and how it’s said. 

The startup’s clients have the potential to manage their collection conversations effectively which helps them to collect data faster. However, Webio’s conversational AI is helping companies to engage with their customers empathetically. 

Like Webio many other startups have also simplified their financial concerns by integrating AI into their finance solutions to revolutionize the world of the finance industry. 

Mike Brennan of Finch Capital expressed:

“Webio is reimagining the way customer credit conversations take place in the collections industry. This sector is ripe for disruption, its approach to its customers is outdated and it’s an extremely large market which is set for significant growth,

The Irish platform is planning to utilize the fresh capital to expand into the UK and Europe.