Startup Presail To Boost Safe Expansion Of Web 3 Investment Space Nets €3.8M

September 19, 2022 | 3 minutes read

On a mission to accelerate the safe expansion of  web3’s growing investment space startup Presail gathers funding of €3.8M.

Oslo-based Presail has seized funding of  €3.8 million to develop its management platform for community-driven web 3 funding.  In a round led by SNÖ Ventures with the participation of Kraken Ventures, the venture company under largest crypto exchanges worldwide, Skyfall Ventures and Weekend Fund led by Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt.

The startup is also backed by prominent and strategic angel investors including Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList Venture, Jessica Day,Director of Product at AngelList Venture. And  Aleksander Leonard Larsen, COO of Sky Mavis / Axie Infinity. Support by such robust investors and angels actually indicates the rising popularity of Web 3.0 space- which is not going to abort anytime soon.

Web 3.0 Is Possible Future Version of  Internet

Without any doubt , Web 3.0 is a possible future version of internet based on public blockchains. The main attractiveness in Web 3.0 is its decentralization- giving individuals access to control, own, govern sections of the internet.

In recent one to two years, Blockchain with the concept of decentralization and security has gained immense popularity. With various startups popping up on the tech horizon like Kleoverse, Learnoverse, and Credix.  As per stats, the Blockchain app development or Decentralized Apps (DApps) is going to be on top.

Presail: Web3  Investment Space

Now Presail with its concept of making web 3  investment landscape safe has stepped in. And vows to solve all the web 3 funding space  problems.

It is actually a response to the founder’s pain points in the funding space who find it difficult to keep track of their pre-sale deals.

The Presail founders themselves had collectively participated in over 200 deals as part of investment communities. And faced difficulty in organizing these investments in manual spreadsheets.

So with the motive to solve this grave issue. The startup with its management platform for community driven funding in web3 space offers customers easy collaboration, management of cap tables, and automates vesting schedules. Finally also implementing KYC/AML . It enables anyone to come together and raise capital towards a common goal.  Thus investing in an early stage web 3.0 project in exchange for tokens or pooling funds to bid on a digital asset up for auction.

Web 3.0 Is  New Future

Web 3.0 is the new future that is leveraging the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain to achieve real human connection. Such as the origination of metaverse  which is majorly defining the future by inclusion of businesses transforming customer experience-thus expediting their sales process. The icing on the cake is that the web 3.0 not only enables individuals to own their data but compensates them for their time spent on the web-such as NFTs which offer online ownership.

Indubitably, web 3.0 is going to change the total scenery of not only user engagement but their interaction with technology. And Presail is definitely changing the way in which investors will invest and note their investments.