Connecting architects and contractors, Weaver is here with $4 Million in a seed round for home renovation

March 29, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Saas-startup platform Weaver bags $4 million to connect architects and contractors for planning home renovation projects.

Greg Keane founded Weaver in 2017 which is a London-based startup. Edward Robertshaw, Linden Dover, and Dan Hardiker founded the company. The seed round funding was led by Btov Partners along with participation from FJ Labs, Enterprise Fund, Ben Naftzger (former marketing director Atlassian), Dr. Stefan Heitmann (founder and CEO of MoneyPark and PriceHubble), and many more. 

Previously in the pre-seed round, the startup raised $1.5M from different investors such as Greg Marsh, Natasha Foster, Dan Scott, Lorenzo Frenzi, and Demetrios Zoppos, bringing the total funding to $5.5M to date. 

What basically does Weaver do?

Weaver is a platform that connects architects and homeowners with vetted contractors which facilitates pricing, contracting, sourcing, and paying contractors without the hassle of reaching out to different contractors manually over one interface just. 

The startup helps with developing software meeting the needs with top-notch features including document exchange, messaging, and on-site meeting scheduling features. 

The co-founder and CEO talk about why the startup is raising a seed round now,

“We started off as two industry founders looking for product/market fit with no-code SaaS, bootstrapping whilst minimizing investment. We then invited two tech founders to join us in 2020, and it took around one and a half years to reach product/market fit on a proprietary platform”.

Greg Keane shared that “Weaver is fixing a fundamental problem of communication between homeowners and contractors in the following order: 1. sourcing contractors they can trust, and;  2. building confidence in a renovation price, Next, we will be solving the problems of 3. understanding how to agree the contract, and 4. removing the risk of contractor bankruptcy with fully insured escrow payments.” 

Using the algorithms, the home renovation projects connects to contractors using the saas platforms. Moreover, the saas-startup platform is using the funds to transition the platform from a desktop cloud-first to a mobile-first product for better user engagement. 

The Weaver founder and CEO Greg Keane shared 

“We have been focused on building a platform for home renovation that not only serves an imminent need but will deliver even more value as we scale. Very few industries are as behind as the construction industry, and we are poised to become a game-changer that can make home renovation much easier, less risky, and more cost-effective for contractors, architects, and homeowners alike.”