It’s happening!! Artificial Intelligence (AI) can tell you about future now

August 06, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The Pentagon is experimenting with AI technology that  can tell you about the “days in advance.” Yes, Future.

This is not a sci-fi movie where things like this are made up. It is no doubt that we are always fascinated with the fancy thought of knowing the future.

And now this ultimate dream of mankind has finally changed into reality.As the US military is testing an experimental AI network that is tasked with predicting  the likely future events which are worthy of closer attention, a day before they happen or occur science alert reported

How Will it Work?

These series of tests conducted by the Pentagon are called Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE). In these tests, they combine data from a variety of sources, such as satellite imagery, sensors in the field, radar, intelligence reports, and more.

Use of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing will also play an important role in this setup, making sure that the large amount of the data collected from all over the globe can be processed efficiently. After that, it can be processed by whichever military official and agencies require them.

US Air Force General Glen D. VanHerck explained it as:

“The data exists. “What we’re doing is making that data available, making that data available and shared into a cloud where machine learning and artificial intelligence look at it. And they process it really quickly and provide it to decision-makers, which I call decision superiority.”

Understandably, the US isn’t giving much information about how these new AI systems will work. And how they will process the information they are gathering. But surely the result is processing more data in a shorter period of time.

The third set of GIDE testing was recently completed and the fourth is planned.

How AI is changing mankind?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is changing the world because of its vast application in every sector, from education to healthcare to the energy sector. The tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are spending $20 billion on AI services annually. And Universities like MIT  are making AI part of their curricula, as the institute alone dropped $1 billion on a new college devoted solely to computing, with AI as a focus.

It seems like AI is going to progress more and is going to make much more impact on our lives than it already has.