Unique Raises $6M For Its AI Driven Video Platform to Help Sales Teams

December 14, 2021 | 2 minutes read

A video calls AI platform, Unique, raises $6 million to enhance its services and help the sales teams across the world.

The role of the sales team is very critical. The soul of the startup is to empower this role with the help of technology. Unique is using Artificial Intelligence to assist the sales teams to identify their strengths and weaknesses in a digitally empowered way.

The startup has just raised $6 million in a seed round. This investment comes from a bunch of angel investors. these investors involve Philipp Stauffer (U.S-based founder and general partner of Fyrfly Venture Partners) and Daniel Gutenberg.

The success of the sales team primely depends upon their understanding of the customer and his requirements. Because not every client can be attracted with the same pitches. The Unique platform uses AI to analyze the conversations of the customers. It also records the conversations with the customers to help them assess which part of their pitch worked and which didn’t.

The startup was founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Andreas Hauri and  Manuel Grenacher. Both of them had a great experience in building and guiding the sales team at a B2B SaaS startup. Their experience has potentially helped them in initiating the startup.

Moreover, the platform of Unique works with 12 different languages which is a very special feature. It also works with difficult languages like Swiss German. With this artificially intelligent tool, the efficiency of the sales team will enhance. Because the time spent on new resources in training them can be reduced significantly and improve their performance. In the same way, AI is being deployed in the eCommerce sector to enhance user experience and make intelligent decisions.

Because it provides real-time analysis and expert opinions on how to enhance relationships with customers and build long-term relationships and win more deals. The idea of the startup is very aptly put and its timing is near perfect. Because the hybrid working environment and remote working is going to stay now. This means that the sales teams will be away from their customers and other prospects.

Manuel Grenacher, a founder of the startup, said, “We are building Unique to reinvent the sales process, using AI to analyze conversations to light up key moments of insight and connection to help sales teams and customers build deeper, more productive relationships.”

The role of AI is becoming more prominent over time. Because the benefits of imbuing AI are irrefutable. With respect to this, AI is being used in businesses in different ways to improve operations. Similarly, other sectors which include education, healthcare, and fintech are also using AI.