UAE-Based E-Commerce Fulfillment Startup, Shorages, Banks $700K

January 21, 2022 | 1 minutes read

With the aim to provide seamless eCommerce fulfillment and distribution services, Shorages rasies $700K in seed funding round.

Shorages launched its e-commerce fulfillment services in 2019 to enable international eCommerce brands to tap into the GCC. With this idea, the platform has successfully raised $700K in the latest seed funding round.

Mayfair Holdings led the funding round, however, other angel investors and serial entrepreneurs also participated in the round. With the new funds, the platform is aiming to expand itself in the local market and increase its headcount. Because the platform is planning to launch more warehouses in Dubai.

Moroever, the company is also planning to develop a free zone warehousing solution to reduce the cost of shipping. Because eCommerce solutions have seen a great surge in their demand. Particulalry speaking of MENA region, the eCommerce sector has witnessed an YoY growth of 230% in 2021. This is the reason that eCommerce development is in trend these days.

The platform offers digital, regulatory, and warehouse services to unlock the potential of online sales in GCC. Its fulfillment centers are always ready to receive inventory and dispatch orders across the region.

The platform is around 2 years old and during this time, it has supported several brands to peneterate in the GCC region. hey recently secured agreements to partner with multiple highly recognized international brands for 2022, including a US-based brand aggregator that has achieved $500 million+ in revenue abroad.

Shorages CEO Rayan Osseiran adds: “At Shorages, we have realized how time-consuming and costly it is for direct-to-consumer brands to set up a local operation. As such, we have made it our mission to build the fulfillment and distribution services needed for a quick and cost-effective springboard into the market”.