Twitter reinstates politicians’ accounts after suspending them for violating disclosure law

August 16, 2021 | 2 minutes read


The accounts of Indian politicians were suspended over the rape and murder of a child. 

Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi posted a picture of himself with the parents of the girl who was allegedly raped and murdered in New Delhi. Rahul Gandhi showed support for the family and said that they deserve justice and others shared the tweet.

Twitter suspended their accounts as Indian law prohibits the disclosure of identities of children and sexual assault victims. According to a notice posted on the Lumen database, India’s National Commission for Protection of Child Rights requested Twitter take action. In an email to The Verge, a Twitter spokesperson said that Gandhi submitted a copy of an authorization letter from the people in the image to the company’s India Grievance Channel, and his account was reinstated. The tweet that was shared 15000 times will stay withheld in India even though it is visible globally.

Twitter appointed its grievance officer earlier this month, to ensure compliance with new rules in India governing social media platforms. The last few months weren’t steadfast between Twitter and the Indian government as the government warned the company that they will face problems if they don’t comply with the new rules. After a series of exchanges, the Indian government issued that Twitter is now working in compliance with the new rules on August 10th.

Twitter’s moderation policies have also been criticized by Indian officials; police raided Twitter’s offices in Delhi and Guragon in May after the platform labeled a tweet from a government official as manipulated media.Twitter in a show of compliance has blocked accounts during the farmer’s protests and also tweets criticizing the Coronavirus pandemic handling of the Indian government.