The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly Bots Twitter is out to get them all

September 10, 2021 | 2 minutes read

A new feature in Twitter allows accounts to self-identify themselves as Bots or automated accounts.

Twitter has announced its new feature that will enable the accounts to self-identify themselves as bots by just labeling their profiles. The micro-blogging site said that it found that people wanted more context about non-human accounts. The company also gave certain examples of good bots, for instance, the accounts that shared the vaccination updates, and information about seismic activity.

Example of Twitter Label
Image Credits:BBC

Twitter further says the move is although not mandatory but Twitter will continue to remove the inauthentic accounts that it thinks are breaking the Twitter rules.

It is no doubt that Twitter Bots have become very common. The use of bots is not only limited to Twitter they are now being increasingly used in eCommerce, the Travel tourism industry, and customer service.

Good and Bad bots:

There is no such thing as ugly bots but there are good bots and bad bots. As last year the study by Carnegie Mellon University found that approximately half of the message propagation regarding coronavirus on Twitter was done by automated accounts. In recent years, Twitter has removed tens of millions of suspected bot accounts.

Twitter however also highlighted the account as a “good bot” as it shared the live tweets every time when there was an earthquake in San Francisco.

This year in May Twitter had previewed the system in an attempt to give people more information to differentiate the bots/automated accounts from the human-run accounts.