Turned out iPhone 13’s satellite connectivity is just for emergencies

August 31, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The news of the iPhone 13 having the satellite connectivity feature broke the internet for a good one day. The rumored feature was enough to divert people’s attention to apples’ new launch this year and spark debate around it. 

It has now come out to be a thing of the future. The rumored feature may not launch this year and here’s why. Apple plans to allows its customers to connect to satellites to connect with their loved ones and people around when they can’t find a cellular connection nearby, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Bloomberg published the article after Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Sunday that the iPhone 13 may be able to make satellite calls. Kuo is known to reveal the company’s plans before the company officially announces them but Bloomberg’s sources indicate that Apple’s approach to satellite connectivity may be more limited to start.

The feature called Emergency Message via the satellite will allow you to text emergency services and emergency contacts when you don’t have cell signals with the help of a satellite connection as the report suggests. These messages will be restricted to a fixed length and will come in a grey bubble instead of the green used for SMS messages and the blue for iMessage. Also, when you will send a message to an emergency contact, it will push through the Do Not Disturb mode on the recipient’s phone to ensure that your message reaches them in time.

Another feature will let users report emergencies.  “The phone will ask what kind of emergency is happening, such as whether it involves a car, boat, plane, or fire,” Bloomberg reports. It will allow you to send your location and Medical ID in case of emergencies from the Health app. You can simultaneously inform emergency contacts while reporting an emergency.

Bloomberg reports that you might be able to feature emergency calls on the next iPhone released. A source tells new feature won’t be ready before the next year hence putting everyone off who expected the feature to be released in the upcoming iPhone 13 series.

Nonetheless, this feature will be a great start to technology that will actually prove to be helpful. People will no longer have to fear losing connection while traveling to far-fetched areas or in times of need when you don’t have a cellular connection available.