Travel Startup Upaway Launches On-Demand Travel Support Concierge for Holiday Travelers

December 22, 2021 | 2 minutes read

New California-based startup Upaway launches first On-demand travel support Concierge to tackle trip chaos for holiday travelers.

Travel app and SaaS platform based in California, founded by Kayla Glanville offers free travel organization tools and connects travelers with on-demand travel concierge when they need it.

This travel app is setting out on a journey to tackle the chaos of the trip with the official launch of its on-demand support in time to serve holiday travelers. Furthermore, aims to revamp the consumer travel industry and makes the travel support accessible and affordable to handle travel stress. Upaway  is a time-efficient and cost-effective platform for travelers as it handles flight cancellations, rebookings and offers on-demand alternatives with hotels, airlines, and customer service lines.

The aim of the company is to revamp the outdated consumer travel industry and make typically out-of-reach premium travel support accessible and affordable to tackle the travel stress. Like Upaway many travel apps are changing the manner in which the travel and tourism industry works. Suffice it is to say that travel and tourism apps are disrupting the traditional methods in which the travel and tourism industry works. Offering a range of benefits these apps have garnered a large number of users and customer base. According to Statista, the tourism apps hold 7th position in the most popular Apple app store categories in March 2021. Indubitably, one of the major trends that is sculpting the future of the travel and tourism industry is the development of tourism mobile apps.

With the rise in the COVID-19 variants impacting holiday travel, the startup Upaway is helping travelers with their issues who have been historically stuck to handle their  travel issues  and provides them with ease of secure traveling as it is powered by Riskline a company that provides risk assessments for hundreds of destinations all around the globe. It analyzes the countries, territories, regions, and cities. They actually assess and monitor the world’s political crises, travel, and security developments.