Top 3 Covid Search Trends —The Impact of Covid-19 on SEO

March 29, 2021 | 3 minutes read

Though the use of Internet has increased following the onset of the pandemic, some industries have experienced a major plummet in the search traffic to business websites.

However, this does not imply that search engine optimization is useless for your business.  Yes, some businesses are up against some pretty heavy SEO competition during the pandemic, but still; SEO can be of great benefit if used the right way!  

Top 3 COVID-19 Search Trends

Read down below to find out the top 3 Covid-19 search trends and the impact of covid-19 on SEO. 

1. The search for pandemic-related topics is increasing 

With the pandemic being the major concern for people all around the globe, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Millions of users are using Google to search for the latest news and information regarding Covid-19, making it one of the most searched topics these days.

With lockdowns and restrictions imposed, there has also been an increase in search topics that aren’t directly related to the virus itself, but people are currently finding interesting to search about due to the pandemic. These include searches for health exercises, fitness, hobbies, music and more. 

However, let’s not confuse the pandemic as an evergreen topic. The search for this particular topic is bound to subside in the future as the effect of the virus begins to die down.

However, for now — It’s a major topic, a serious issue, and an ongoing event. 

2. More people are searching for local businesses 

Though small businesses have suffered a negative impact on their revenue and growth, people are still trying to support small businesses in their area.  

Two of the main reasons people are supporting local businesses is because they want to support their local community and their local economy.  Also, supply chain and travel restrictions have currently made local business the most convenient and safe option for customers. 

According to research performed by Accenture84% of respondents are willing to shop from the stores in their neighborhood or buy more locally sourced products than before the pandemic. 

This makes local SEO an extremely important investment for small businesses. 

3. More people prefer to shop online now 

The pandemic has caused major shifts in shopping patterns and consumer behavior. With majority of the malls and shops being closed due to the pandemic last year, more and more people have become comfortable with shopping online. 

Even with shops and malls reopening, the online shopping trend is not fading away, showing that people are more comfortable with the convenience of shopping at home, rather than having to visit stores physically. 

According to the Global Connected Consumer Index, 28% more people are now making purchases online, as compared to before the pandemic began. 

Stay on top of Google trends 

According to Forbes, the use of internet has  increased by nearly 70% since the pandemic began. The impact of Covid-19 on SEO has been greater than expected, which has led to many businesses and websites understand its importance. 

Regardless of whether it’s new content or old one that needs to be updated; businesses should make use of best SEO practices to stay on top of Google trends. 

Though it’s important to target keywords related to Covid-19, it’s not the only way SEO can help businesses.

Let’s not forget that even though the pandemic is trending in Google searches right now, it’s expected to reduce eventually, which will gradually shift back the focus to evergreen content that is SEO optimized.