To Bring Conversational Commerce To Whatsapp In Europe, Startup Charles Nabs $20M

July 20, 2022 | 3 minutes read

Berlin-based Conversational Commerce startup Charles gathers funding of $20M to unlock its SaaS solution.

Harnessing the power of chat apps in the commerce niche, the conversational commerce startup Charles nabs funding of $20M.  In a Series A round led by Salesforce Ventures including Accel and HV capital.

With an aim to include conversational commerce to Whatsapp in Europe, the startup gathered its seed fund in 2021. The reason the investors are steering their investment towards technology led commerce startups is mainly because of the efficiency and customization brought by them. Mainly, ecommerce startups are receiving the most traction among commerce startups-such as Live buy, Hamples, Bigblu, Medusa, and Chaari have gathered funds in billions to expand globally and further develop their product.

Other than e-commerce, social commerce is also becoming quite common. And now Charles with its conversational commerce is here to conquer Latin America’s market.

Founded in 2020 by Artjem Weissbeck and Andreas Tussing, the platform allows merchants to offer conversational marketing and commerce experiences via chat apps. This conversational-first operating system brings the full e-commerce process into the likes of WhatsApp, bringing the consumer and companies closer together. Allowing businesses to sell products, send newsletters and support customers via chat to personalize the consumer experience.

Furthermore, Charles allows businesses to sell products, send newsletters and support customers via chat to personalize the consumer experience. It works by seamlessly connecting chat app APIs like Whats App with systems like Salesforce and Shopify.

Artjem Weissbeck, co-founder and co-CEO at Charles, talking to said

“We aim to make commerce more personal by bringing it into our most human habit: conversations. Rich messaging apps, like WhatsApp, have been proven to facilitate this in Latin America and Asia by combining sales, marketing and service in one ongoing conversation. This is something e-commerce has failed to do due to the forced marriage of web shops and email. Conversational commerce is now sweeping over Europe and there’s never been a better way for brands to wow their customers.”

Founders Charles. Image Credits

Whilst Andreas Tussing, co-founder and co-CEO at Charles, added:

“We see c-commerce becoming a secret weapon for many brands in times where they must go the extra mile to win new customers and nurture existing ones.”

Tussing is right, c-commerce facilitating up selling, cross selling, gathering feedback and providing improved customer service has become quite handy for businesses.  And its many applications have also caused its monumental rise- as per stats the voice and chat technologies will bring in revenue of $290 billion  for businesses. Chatbots in particular will play a key role-accounting for half of conversational commerce spend.

As for Charles, this fresh injection of funds can help it boost the company’s ambition to become the leading conversational commerce platform. Especially for brands and businesses across Europe. Already, it has garnered many customers which are interested in becoming part of conversational commerce. However, the company wants to expand its operations from Germany to key European markets.