TikTok Releases A Range of New E-Commerce Tools

October 01, 2021 | 2 minutes read

TikTok recently has launched a set of new tools that allow users to interact with brands by using options of tap, like, swipe, and more.

TikTok this week revealed its plan of expanding E-Commerce tools to attract advertisers. The platform has launched a set of interactive new tools ranging from clickable stickers to “Choose Your Own Adventure”-type ads to “super likes” and more. TikTok is saying that these additions will make the TikTok advertising more creative and engaging.

The famous video sharing platform also announced the new E-Commerce partnerships beyond its pilot partner Shopify. Thus, aiming to make online shopping a more personalized experience for users. The app is also offering the option of live shopping and introduced several ad products made just for E-Commerce brands. 

The new product introduced by TikTok is called “instant page”. It is a quick-loading landing page that is 11 times faster in contrast to the typical mobile website as per the company claim. This option will immediately take the user to the website of a brand where the user can get more information. In addition to this, another feature is “pop out showcase” which consists of a library of stickers and images that can be placed on videos to show the product being promoted. The picture below also portrays the way businesses can promote their product.

Image Credits: Tik Tok

Other than this the TikTok users can also have a “super like button” where users can react to the brand’s videos about products. And in return TikTok will invite users to visit the brand page.  Lastly, the feature called “storytime tool” is also introduced by TikTok which will let users take part in the video to shape the narrative this is quite similar to the feature released by Hulu.

The sudden rise in the E-Commerce business especially after the pandemic has given rise to the development of E-Commerce platforms. TikTok previously has also announced the release of a separate E-Commerce platform similar to Alibaba’s Ali Express.