TikTokers now have new feature to connect with fans called TikTok stories

August 05, 2021 | 2 minutes read

TikTok recently rolled out its new vanishing clip  feature called TikTok Stories.It explains this new feature as a way to interact with fans.

The famous video-sharing platform, Tik Tok announced its new feature which allows the users to see the content posted by the accounts they follow for 24 hours before it gets  deleted automatically.

The new feature appears to work in the similar manner as Snapchat or Instagram. Users will be able to comment and react on stories. Just tapping on the user’s profile picture the story will be loaded. 

The timing for the arrival of this feature is significant as Tik Tok’s rival app Whatsapp  has recently rolled out a feature for users to post videos or photos that disappear after they are seen. Yet earlier this week another social media giant Twitter shuts down its feature of Fleets disappearing stories.

What does TikTok has to say?

Well from the statement the video sharing platform  gave to BBC. It seems that they are quite excited about this new feature

“We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.

“Currently we’re experimenting with ways to give creators additional formats to bring their creative ideas to life for the TikTok community.”

How can you use this feature?

You can create a new story by clicking the create button that’s been added by Tik Tok on the side bar. Then add the captions, music and text. It seems that stories have to be videos not still images.

The feature was highlighted by Matt Navarra, social media consultant, in his tweet.

view orginal tweets here

Not so new after all:

Frankly, it could be predicted that Tik Tok would experiment with stories. Stories undoubtedly have been the only true constants in the social media world.  The  Snapchat feature has been replicated by a number of social media platforms and  other companies like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,Pinterest, Netflix, Youtube,and Xbox App.

The popularity of this story feature lies in its ability of increasing interaction, keeping alive the feedback function of the app. Additionally, stories  are a great place for advertising too.