With Global Deskless Workforce Reaching 80%, The SaaS Startup Lumiform Nabs €6.4M To Automate Workflows

July 22, 2022 | 3 minutes read

The SaaS startup Lumiform gathers funding of €6.4M to enhance the deskless workforce management.

Especially, after the pandemic the need for software or systems which can manage deskless workforce or remote employees has exponentially increased. Traditionally, these deskless employees are working in all sectors like education, health, transportation and so on. Indubitably, the deskless workforce is a massive cohort and managing them can be difficult.

But different remote software  are trying to solve this problem. And without any doubt the remote working tools have proved to be quite productive for companies especially during the pandemic. Therefore, comprehending the huge advantages of remote working for both companies and employees this trend is not going to abort anytime soon.

That’s why many startups with innovative solutions are appearing on the horizon to facilitate  the companies such as cofenster and Lendis etc. Interestingly, these startups are fetching huge amounts of funds too- resultantly consolidating this industry further.

Just today another Berlin based SaaS startup Lumiform has received €6.4M in Series A.  In a round led by Capmanic, joining 42CAP which led the Seed round, Westtech Ventures, EquityPitcher Ventures, and Exxeta AG. The round also included well-known Business Angels Kai Hansen, Christoph Gerber- founders of Lieferando,Paul MüllerLieferando, Christian Henschel–founders of Adjust,Thibaut Britz – founders of Talkwalker, and Stefan Tietze–founder of gebraucht.de

Reason the startup has received support from wealthy investors is because of its  efficient mobile and desktop app – founded in 2019 by brothers Philip Roelen-Blasberg and Lukas Roelen-Blasberg. It is an easy to use SaaS solution assisting the organizations to automate and digitalize the workflows of their deskless workforce.

Meaning that teams of all sizes, working in all sorts of locations can work efficiently. And spend less time on burdensome paper-based processes. Thus making everything smoother and simpler, it also includes vital processes such as occupational safety checks on construction sites, vehicle inspections in logistics companies and hygiene documentation in restaurants.

saas startup lumiform
Lumiform safety, inspection and compliance app.Image Credits: Lumiform.com

Lukas Blasberg, co-founder and co-CEO, explained:

“Most software is developed thinking about the desktop worker, even though 80% of all employees worldwide are deskless workers, who still need to heavily rely on pen and paper due to the lack of specific technology or application that suits their needs. These analog processes are time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in high costs as well as quality losses, operational mistakes, etc. With Lumiform, we are making it easy for deskless teams to switch to a digital solution that gives them real-time insights from the field to make efficient data-driven decisions.

Lumiform is quite  flexible and easy to use solution which helps companies kick start the digitization with the help of flexible form builder-there are 12,000 ready-made templates that are provided for free.

Teams can fill these forms-online or offline-via mobile app or desktop. After the submission of forms the Lumiform creates professional and customizable reports. This real time data helps the managers act quickly and detect areas where improvements are required.

Lumiform no doubt is a unique product and aims to enhance further with this fresh injection of funds and also wants to expand its global marketing efforts.