The EU “Green Pass” COVID Passport App Is Now Live and Can Be Used by Travelers

July 12, 2021 | 2 minutes read

An EU “Green Pass” COVID Passport App has been introduced which would help travelers conveniently provide proof about being vaccinated.

Travel has become quite difficult since the onset of the pandemic. Travelers have to face strong requirements and restrictions all around the globe in order to travel. However Europe has started easing down restrictions for international travel with its very own  COVID-19 “passport.”

The Europeans planning to travel within the continent can easily do so with the help of “Green Pass”. According to Chris Livesay, news foreign correspondent based in Rome, travelers can use the mobile app to show that they’ve been tested as negative for Covid, or gotten vaccinated.

“We’re lucky to have an app that’s so easy to use,” said Leo Roussell as he got ready to fly from Paris to Corsica.

We need to reconnect people and societies in a safe way,” said Ivan Bassato, the chief aviation officer for Rome’s airports. “People don’t travel only for holidays. They travel to meet parents that they haven’t seen in more than a year. During a pandemic, we need to ensure as an industry that it’s done safely.” 

According to Bassato, the covid passport-app “is a very smart, safe tool to ensure that these conditions are observed.” However, it’s not completely necessary to download the app on your smartphone, you can also also carry a hard copy of your vaccination document while traveling.

The main purpose of the app is to cut down on the time it would take the officials to scan through all those reports at travel hubs among travelers from different countries with different languages. 

Moreover, Bassato also suggested that a similar system for America would make traveling much more comfortable for people – Americans coming to Europe and Europeans going to the U.S. However, considering how much the whole idea of “COVID passport” was politicized, he said he wasn’t keeping his hopes high for America coming up with a similar system anytime soon.