The EdTech Startup Cakap Is Facilitating Kids & Adults With Online Language Courses

December 10, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Through live sessions and recorded videos, the Indonesian EdTech startup Cakap is providing online sessions to kids and adults.  

As an e-learning platform that facilitates two-way interaction between teachers and students, Cakap allows its users to learn anytime and anywhere they want.

The startup has become quite popular because it offers a variety of online foreign language courses in Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and English. It works with a variety of language education institutions to make the learning materials specifically designed in accordance with the need of the user. The company also claims that it is supported by professional teaching teams from countries present in the Asia-pacific region. The onboarding process is also quite easy as the users can register via a placement test and then can study with professional instructors.


The company claims that it has  1.5 million students. It is also witnessing 500% year-on-year growth. Having already boarded 250 clients it has also expanded to the B2B market. This wide customer base of students and clients is served by a network of 1,000 teachers across South Asia.  The startup has also recently raised US $10 million in a Series B round by the Heritas Capital and Centauri Fund.

Bolstered by high demand during the pandemic the development of educational software and mobile applications have become quite common and a source of learning among people especially kids and adults. 

The startup was founded in 2013 by Tomy Yunus and Yohan Limerta. The company has 51-200 employees. In 2018 the company got its Series A funding that was led by Investida Ventures and in 2020 the company secured its second fund  from Heritas Capital. Although the company plans to utilise the fresh funding it has received to make the learning process more personalized as well as use this funding for expanding its market around the globe.

Story Credits: Deal Streat Asia