StartUp UserGems that combines AI & Data Mapping To Aid Businesses in Sales Has Raised $20M Funding

November 01, 2021 | 2 minutes read

 UserGem, a startup that helps businesses in increasing their  B2B sales has recently received funding of $20M.

A startup called UserGems, which helps in identifying the most likely candidates for B2B sales by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with data mapping has raised $20 million. TechCrunch reports.

This startup other than B2B sales also focuses on marketing prospecting. Prospecting is one of the most important steps in the sales process as it consists of identifying potential customers also known as prospects. This helps the company in building a database of likely customers and then systematically and strategically communicate with them to convert them from potential customers to current customers.

The Series A funding was led by Craft Ventures, with Battery Ventures and Tiger Global. And the previous backer Uncork Capital along with individual angels. This funding has brought the total capital of the startup to  $22.4 million. One of the main reasons the startup has successfully fetched such a huge amount of funding is because of the rise in the E-Commerce business especially after the pandemic which has also given rise to the development of the E-Commerce platform

This startup can help the E-Commerce industry a lot by combining data mapping with AI to help identify the most likely customers. Especially, in terms of B2B sales and marketing. Thus, making it easier for a company to connect with those who have been customers before and have now moved to a different job.

UserGems is based upon two basic ideas: how marketing and sales work and how much the modern workforce moves. The SanFrancisco based startup now has 90 customers in the mid-market segment.

Christian Kletzl, the Austrian CEO and co-founder of UserGems talking to TechCrunch said “UserGems essentially brings these two state of affairs together: It’s a tool for sales and marketing types that integrates with whatever CRM they are already using, to help track people who they have done business with previously, to continue working with them elsewhere, where they become “prime candidates for marketing.” He further said, “It’s a treasure trove to utilize in the sales process.”

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