Start Up Ship Blu Bags $2.4M For Its E-Commerce Services

November 02, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Egyptian StartUp ShipBlu raises 2.4 million in seed funding for its E-Commerce platform.

The delivery and fulfillment mode platform ShipBlu has recently raised 2.4 million in seed funding. The platform was founded in 2020 by Ali Nasser, Ahmed ElKawass, and Abdelrahman Hosny. The company performs the function of delivering packages to all kinds of merchants and retailers ranging from pop stores and social media to fashion retailers who send hundreds and thousands of shipments to customers in Egypt.

ShipBlu Startup is quite useful as it stores the merchant’s products in warehouses it leases. Then it establishes a connection with merchants’ online stores and monitors via the dashboard. So when the shipment comes the ShipBlu packs orders from the warehouse and delivers them to the customers. But now the company wants to expand itself in terms of E-Commerce.

The funding is mainly related to the investors piquing interest in the African e-commerce market which is expanding at an exponential rate. As the latest stats suggest that by 2025 the online shoppers in Africa will be around 520 million. This has also led to the development of E-Commerce platforms and apps. And this African E-Commerce startup backed by Y Combinator has caught the eye of the investors.

This Summer batch graduate is the latest startup to receive such a hefty amount of funding. One of the founders of Al Nasser talking about the startup said that within the next couple of months he wants the startup’s network and infrastructure to reach 99% of Egypt’s population.

“Whether you’re living in a small village or a large town or a large city, we want to be able to get to you and have the infrastructure in place to get to your delivery to you.”

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