Startup Neurons Using AI To Predict Consumer Behaviour In Seconds Nets €6M

August 25, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Neuroscience startup Neurons Inc picks up  €6M to combine Neuroscience and AI to predict consumer behaviour.

Neuroscience startup Neurons nabs  €6M in a funding round backed  by Fairpoint Capital, Vækstfonden and Finance Zealand.  The company combines neuroscience and AI to predict consumer behaviour such as attention, focus, cognitive responses and engagement with at least 95% accuracy.

The use of AI in recent years has exponentially increased especially in important sectors of society such as healthcare and  ecommerce. Also, businesses especially are harnessing the power of AI to predict market as well as consumer behaviour,  to improve business operations    causing increase in their profits, As also done by this startup Neurons which uses neuroscience as well as AI to forecast behaviour.

Founded in 2013, the startup in terms of its technology can be utilized by users to predict behaviours such as  engagement and cognitive responses . It’s neurons AI models are built,  and constantly updated- utilizing their leading consumer neuroscience databases that assist in assessing market trends.

Furthermore, by using its cutting edge solution the startup guarantees its users to explore test builders based on neuroscience metrics. That allow the users to collect customer responses and sentiments to assist in designing marketing campaigns and strategies that can be productive. Their premium research suite gives best in class neuroscience, biometric, implicit and traditional methods to answer any research question on interest.

Now with this fresh injection of funds, the startup will roll out sentiment AI software to allow companies to predict not only what customers will look at but also about their emotions and feelings. As per startup, the seed investment is one of the largest  seed rounds in the entire country.

Neurons in recent years,  has proved itself to be reliable partner. And has provided its services to Fortune-500 companies such as Google, Coca Cola, Capital One, Ikea and Capital One.