Tech Startup Fruit Scout Uses AI-Technology For Crop Optimization 

October 15, 2021 | 2 minutes read

A new tech startup, Fruit Scout uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the optimization of Crop yield.

A new Washington-based startup Fruit Scout uses AI to estimate the tree’s predicted yield. The startup has also successfully landed $4 million to further construct the technology.

The aim of this startup is to exactly determine the yield of the crops and take the guesswork out of the crop yield optimization. This start-up is becoming popular because of its easy use and efficiency. The user has to download an AI-powered mobile app developed by the start-up and then take photographs of the fruit trees in order to measure trunk size and calculate the optimal crop the tree can bear. The tool can also analyze the images of buds, flowers, and fruits to assess the tree’s predicted yield, as well as the pruning they might need to reach the desired volume. 

CEO and Founder Matt King says that he sought inspiration from the time when he was working on manufacturing challenges for Boeing, Intel and others. 

This AI technology is  very vital ag-tech innovation as it aids in tackling “precision crop load management.”This is actually an attempt to tackle the amount of value a crop generates for a particular acre. 

In short, with the help of an AI-powered app, farmers can easily and efficiently get assessments about their crop yield. This app can be quite useful especially, for farmers who are searching for ways to grow crops in a sustainable manner. Undoubtedly, the use of AI in agriculture is increasing at quite an exponential rate. As earlier this year, a silicon valley based company used AI-based technology with robotics in agriculture to promote sustainable growth.