Featured Interview: Start Up Academy of Mine is Transforming the e-Learning Landscape

January 21, 2022 | 5 minutes read

StartUp Academy of Mine is a platform that helps companies in building their online course platform.  It is a dynamic and highly customizable platform that helps companies in achieving their goals in a cost-effective and scalable manner. 

Since 2014  StartUp Academy of Mine has been supercharging e-Learning.  It helps companies in achieving their goals in terms of online training and e-Learning by creating various online and self-paced courses using raw content from video, audio, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, SCORM, Quizzes, Assignments, Discussions, and much more. The startup has a strong standing in the eLearning market but aims to facilitate its customers more and appreciates the use of technology in the education sector. 

The e-Learning market is expected to reach over US 450 billion in revenue by 2026. As the demand for e-Learning continues to skyrocket, the importance of having an LMS in your business will also increase. 

InvoNews sat down with Yash Chandra the CEO and Founder of  StartUp Academy of Mine to find out how startup plans to transform the landscape of e-Learning.

Tell us about yourself. 

I am a Tech Entrepreneur. I had a successful career in Investment Banking Technology for 10+ years but I always wanted to do my own thing. So I left my job in 2015 to try something different. I love bootstrapping businesses, technology, and education. I am the Founder of an eLearning LMS Platform company called Academy Of Mine 


How did you come up with the idea of developing the Academy of Mine?

I have always loved the idea of the inculcation of technology in education. In this regard, the idea of structuring online courses and a way to build a Platform was always in my mind even while working at my corporate job.

 I love to train and teach others. I always thought of creating a platform to help others do the same. Initially, Academy of Mine was for smaller B2C course creators but we evolved into more of a B2B  and Professional Training Platform over the years.  

Tell us about your team? Did you hire off-shore developers for the development of your product or did you hire locally?

Our team is comprised of employees and contractors from all over the globe including local and offshore. Most of our team is split between North America, Europe, and India. 

What is the most important thing you believe is essential for a startup to succeed?

In my opinion, multiple things are required

Founder Grit and Vision 

– A great cohesive Team 

– Product Market Fit 

– Enough Cashflow/Money to sustain 

– Ability to execute relentlessly 

– keeping up with market conditions/competitors

Academy of Mine is a customizable e-learning platform. The culture of e-learning is increasing day by day how do you bring innovation to your platform with changing times? 

e-Learning is a relatively new concept and there are tons of innovations that we are looking to include like Virtual Reality, an improved Learning Experience Platform (LXP), easier but Interactive Content Creation tools, and many others. 

How are you different from other players in the market? 

 Our unique strength is Customization and the ability to work with clients to extend the platform as needed. We are like your dev team if you are looking to build a platform that scales with your needs. Need a custom feature? Just ask. 

Also, customer support. If you look at our comparison on sites like capterra vs them, we have a 5.0  rating. Being a smaller team, we love working directly with customers thus we operate on a personalized basis. 

InvoNews covers startups and tries to highlight the struggles entrepreneurs went through to make their startups successful. Tell us about the hurdles you had to face in establishing your startup?

  • Finding, hiring, and retaining talented, ambitious, and hardworking people who have the same  vision as the founder
  • Figuring out your Product Strategy and Positioning in the market 
  • Achieving Product Market Fit and understanding who are your best or ideal customer
  • Ensuring you have enough cash flow to keep running and growing 
  • The constant change in market conditions 

As an entrepreneur what do you think is one thing a startup should have in order to succeed?

If I had to select just one thing, it has to be perseverance. Running a startup is extremely hard and if you don’t have perseverance, it is really tough to keep going.  

For a startup getting funding is difficult. How did you secure funding for your startup?

We didn’t secure funding in the traditional way using VCs. We self-funded initially with my own money and have been bootstrapped since then. Thankfully our customers and growth have helped us keep going.  

Tell us about the magic moment when you came up with the idea of establishing the Academy of Mine?

I always wanted to do something with technology (being a developer/engineer myself) and education. Finally in Sep 2014, I came across the idea of establishing the Academy of Mine. So I took the leap of faith to just execute it. 

Share your startup’s recent success with us? 

Recently, we have acquired some customers with larger Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) than our usual average ARR. We continue to find B2B customers that are looking for something unique and not cookie-cutter which is where we come in.

What was the most difficult moment you faced while establishing the Academy of Mine?

Positioning ourselves in the market was the most difficult decision for us. With the increase in the number of competitors, we had to pivot to focus on specific segments in the market (B2B,  Professional Training) instead of trying to sell to anyone looking for e-Learning.

Do you plan each and every step in your life or do you just prefer to go with the flow?

 I usually plan things with a goal in my mind. 

Where do you see Academy of Mine in the next five years? 

In the next 5 years, we see ourselves as a market leader in unique customizable e-Learning Platforms for  Businesses. We also want AoM to be as open as possible to anyone who wants to build a unique platform by possibly open sourcing some components or releasing an API first headless platform for developers to build their own interfaces.