Staircase AI Raised $4M Seed Round To Create An ML-Based E-Commerce Platform For Better Customer Engagement

October 29, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Start-Up Staircase AI  has received $4M to create ML fueled E-Commerce Platform for better B2B  engagement utilizing advanced Machine Learning.

The AI-based startup, Staircase AI has raised $4 million in seed funding for the creation of a Machine learning-based E-Commerce Platform Tech Startups reported. 

Staircase AI is an interesting tech startup that allows customer success teams to measure their relationship with the existing customers by using natural language processing tools. The startup comprehends thousands of digital engagements to recognize the customers that are at risk of churn.  Thus, the platform makes it easy to manage thousands of customer engagement via its relationship intelligence platform. It also enables the customer success teams to generate the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and upsell opportunities via incessant relationship monitoring.

This 24×7 running system can detect anomalies and trends whilst also providing predictions and recommendations.

 The company has received funding from major investors like StageOne Ventures, and Disruptive AI. 

E-commerce has gone global and businesses are now competing to capture similar markets. So the businesses in order to retain their markets have to comprehend the needs and wants of their customers. And this makes customer relationship management difficult for companies. Because organizations produce large amounts of data and analyzing this data simply by average SRM software is not enough. Now the organizations need AI-powered E-Commerce platforms that can help businesses in detecting the customer’s needs which can aid them in staying ahead of their competitors. Additionally, helping them in taking quick and fact-driven decisions.

 CEO and founder of Staircase AI Ori Entis while discussing the advantages of the platform for businesses and  how this investment can help the company said

“Only an AI-based system that fuses and analyzes large amounts of customer data can provide the deep insights needed to help companies better understand, retain and grow their customers. This investment will help us scale our engineering and accelerate our go-to-market plans.”