Software Startup Cofenster Nets €8 Million To Introduce Video Communication In Hybrid Working Environment

February 11, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Hamburg-based software startup Cofenster gathers €8 million to make video communication in the hybrid working environment common for companies.

Hybrid working models are utilized by 63% of high-growth companies all around the globe. This is one of the main reasons the software that can manage and communicate with the employees remotely are on an expedited rise. One such software startup that wants to bring ease to companies in terms of communication with their employees is Cofenester.  The startup wants to unlock the power of video for business and has just also raised $8 million.

Cofenester has raised this funding in a round led by Signals Venture Capital with the inclusion of existing investors Capnamic and well-known entrepreneurs participating as angel investors.

The reason the investors are pouring down their money in these types of ventures is because of the rise in the need for the hybrid working solutions.  And surprisingly Cofenster is not the first startup in Europe to receive funding for its hybrid working solution. Another startup, Lendis a Saas solution that aids the companies in managing and setting up their employees’ equipment and software in the hybrid world has raised €80 Million. The rise in these type of software is also due to the recurring waves of pandemic 

Confenster was also founded at the peak time of the pandemic in the year of  2020 by Tom Vollmer, Oliver Wegner, and Finn Frotscher. The startup helps large and medium-sized companies to find new ways to communicate with their employees, thus promoting a more friendly team culture.  Furthermore, its solutions also simplify the creation and publication of professional videos.  The company also envisions to make video the central part of corporate communication.

Tom Vollmer, CEO & Co-Founder of cofenster explained: 

“We are turning video into the central instrument of corporate communications and are thus forever changing how companies communicate: We strengthen empathy at work. This paradigm shift from text to video has made its way into the corporate world. Last year’s rapid growth is a testament to this.”

Within just a few months of the launch, the company has gained the attention of global players like Allianz, Accenture, and Microsoft. The funding startup has received will be utilized on its mission to make video the corporate communication tool.