Snapchat’s freaky feature is threat to user’s personal data

August 04, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Snapchat’s bizarre feature which knows about the day, date and the place you were born is a threat to your privacy and security.

Snapchat after escaping the bug attack last week has landed into trouble again as its new feature knows more about its users in comparison to the information they initially entered to sign up into the app. Last week, users noted this odd feature and shared their concerns on social media.

What does Snapchat know about you ?

It’s strange when you think about it, that we share a large amount of our personal data with these online applications. Despite the fact that most of us don’t even know how this data is being safeguarded and protected.

Well, coming towards the question of what type of information Snapchat has? Well you may or may not have told Snapchat but it knows the exact time and place you were born.

Is Snapchat spying on you?

In Snapchat’s view No..

Snapchat only knows this information because users told them via the feature called the Astrological Profiles launched last year. To set up the astrological profile you had to enter date, place of birth and time. This information provided access to the whole information in terms of star sign with inclusion of horoscope, your personality traits etc. 

What Snapchat has to say?

Snapchat presented its side of story  whilst talking to The Verge:

“The birth date and time information shown above was actually inputted by the users themselves in order to obtain more specific information, stemming from our latest astrological profiles feature. The feature requires exact birth date and time from each person in order to calculate their exact star chart reading.

We take the privacy of personally identifiable information very seriously at Snapchat, and this more granular birth date and time information is used only for this astrological profile feature.”

How to delete your date, time, and place of birth?

If this is making you uncomfortable.Or in the bigger picture you are worried about the privacy and security of your data. Then don’t worry you have landed at the right page where we are going to tell you about how to remove this information.

Steps to remove this information:

In just five simple steps remove this information.

1.Open your Snapchat app and click on your Bitmoji in the top left corner to gain access to your profile.

2.Now click on the cog symbol in the top right corner to open settings.

3.In this option you will see the subheading called the “ My Astrological Birthday”.

4.Next to it you will see an ‘x’ symbol.

5.Tap on ‘x’ to remove this information from Snapchat.