Snap Chat Includes Augmented Reality (AR) In Its E-Commerce Tools

October 08, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Snap Chat will enhance its already present E-Commerce opportunities for brands by adding Augmented Reality.

For delivering state-of-the-art commerce and marketing opportunities to brands, Snap Chat will now release the feature of Augmented Reality. The goal is to enhance the shopping experience of customers by bestowing them with a more immersive experience.

Snap Chat is taking this initiative for brands by partnering with WPP, the camera company behind Snap Chat. This global venture is focused on linking AR with E-Commerce products.  Furthermore, the WPP Clients can collaborate on the new Snap Chat products with the inclusion of the recently released Snap Chat trend tool. The facility of an “optimization scorecard” will also be given to the marketers. In order to aid them in tracking the effectiveness of their AR efforts and adjust their tactics in real-time.

Augmented Reality technology in recent years has seen unprecedented growth. It is being used by businesses to attract customers. And more brands are willing to use this technology to increase customer engagement. A recent Deloitte study supported by Snap Chat also found that 94% of surveyed respondents plan to utilize AR for shopping in 2022. And Snap Chat app offering this technology especially in E-Commerce products can prove to be a golden chance for many businesses who want to use AR technology. The usage of AR technology in mobile apps has become so common especially after the pandemic. As also evident from the stats which indicate that the market of global mobile augmented reality is going to reach $230.6 billion by 2027. 

Snap Chat is not the first one spreading its tentacles in the E-Commerce market. As previously, many social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and  TikTok have released their E-Commerce tools too. But, Snap Chat is the first one integrating E-Commerce with Augmented Reality to attract business as well as consumers.No doubt, the use of AR is going to increase with the passage of time. As in the press statement, the vice president of the global agency at Snap Chat David Roter claimed that more than 200 million Snap Chat users use AR functions on a daily basis.