Snapchat got “Bugged” : What to do if your app is still not working

July 30, 2021 | 2 minutes read

On Thursday evening the Snapchat App stopped working because of the nasty bug affecting a large number of users.

Well known app Snapchat which allows users to send and receive photos and videos experienced a major shutdown on Thursday evening. Almost 100,000 users reported the issues as they were unable to login , share or create content on the platform Down Detector reported.

Snapchat however, after the complaints from the users acknowledged the problem and took over Twitter to calm down their users saying that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. They also appealed to their users to stay patient.


However, according to the Tech Radar the problem started on July 28th, but users started reporting the issues a day after. It seems like many reports have trickled out, though some users are still experiencing the worrying issues, even after the official announcement of the Snapchat that the problem has been fixed.


Many  Snapchatters took  Twitter to simply convey the message of Snapchat non-functional status. By saying that even after updating their phone and re-installing the app there are difficulties in logging in to the app.

As app keeps on showing invalid credentials. Some users complained that they have been locked out of their account for no reason while others reported that their accounts are permanently locked. Users also complained about not being able to reset their own passwords. People are also  complaining about the Snapchat team not giving responses to their emails.

What to do if your Snapchat App is not working?

If your Snapchat app is still not working then don’t worry. Because panicking and deleting your app won’t do anything. Honestly, installing updates on your phone will also not work. 

What you have to do is manually update your Snapchat app . Remember don’t delete it just update it. For iPhone users too, deleting and reinstalling the app won’t bring it back. Simply use the option of Offload App.