Slack now allows users to share audio, video and screen recordings

September 21, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Slack releases a new feature that makes it easier for workers to share audio, video, and screen recordings.

Slack recently has announced several new updates among those is the rollout of its Stories-style feature, which will enable the users to share audio, video, and screen recordings in channels as well as in the direct messages according to Tech Crunch.

Slack’s “Clip” feature is quite useful as it will enable users to record the video message and leave it.  Meanwhile, the other users can respond to this video message later. Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says  “Clips are a way to record yourself on your screen. And the idea is that a lot of the meetings shouldn’t require us to be together in real-time.”

These video clips can still be more beneficial because users can get the single point that would have been delivered in the full meeting. Another important thing  that  he mentioned about the video feature was that the videos are useful in creating “an audit trail for archival purposes.”

Slack’s Clip feature is quite different as this feature not only allows users to communicate work updates but will also allow users to share briefings so colleagues present in other time zones can catch up later, or can share their feedback on a project without typing all of their thoughts. Other than this the “Clips” feature will not automatically disappear and transcriptions will be searchable. The users will also be able to share stories outside their team too via Slack Connect thus helping them to interact with their external partners and customers. 

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