November 12, 2021 | 2 minutes read

In a seed round led by H&Q Asia-Pacific, Singapore-based data governance startup FST Network raises $2.9 million. 

FST Network with an aim to provide a number of tools for assisting with data management, governance, and lineage has secured $2.9 million in Seed funding. The funding round was led by H&Q Asia-Pacific. However, National Development Fund Taiwan, Red Building Capital, and Angel to Venture Accelerator (AVA) also participated in the round.

The startup was founded in 2019 by Jack Chou. In no time, the startup has grown so much and has a presence in Uk, Taiwan, and Japan. As per the details revealed by the startup, the new funding will be used to enhance the company’s presence. The new funding will also be used in accelerating product development and expanding marketing and sales.

The startup has been a success since its inception. It has partnered up with some well-known companies which also include, Microsoft, Google, and AWS.

“We exist to eliminate data duplication, silos, and legacies,” said the CEO and founder Jack Chu.

As technology has spread over time, the amount of data has also increased. Every single individual produces tones of data on daily basis. Although it has helped the companies to make their decisions based on data yet data handling and management is a big issue. This is why it has become a popular saying that big data is better data.  Because of this, big tech companies are more interested in developing data processing tools to manipulate the data efficiently and timely.