Saas Startup Deskbird Powering Workplaces For Tomorrow Nets €5M

August 29, 2022 | 2 minutes read

SaaS startup Deskbird lands funding of €5M for its most intuitive and people centric solution for hybrid workplaces.

Swiss startup Deskbird scoops up funding of €5M in a latest Pre-Series A round led by Fortyone and Rivus Capital as well as existing investor Since its inception in 2020, the startup has raised €6.5 million. This funding has bestowed Deskbird as one of Europe’s best-funded SaaS workplace startups.

This new investment will help startup accelerate growth across Europe. And allow the team to further expand its product offering to meet the demands of its mid market customers and enterprises.

The Rise of Hybrid Working

With global deskless force reaching 80% many hybrid workplace management startups are appearing on the horizon. Such as  Lendis and Confenster etc to help offices manage their employees as well as projects efficiently and effectively. Now  comparatively new, Deskbird founded in 2020 by Dominik Ehrsam, Ivan Cossu, and Jonas Hess, is already proving to be one of the more popular solutions to navigate new ways of thinking.

Currently the startup is helping over 500 offices across 20 countries and has famous clients. Such as Schaeffler, Heineken, Volksbank, KFC, and Knauf etc.

DeskBird: SaaS Startup with People Centric Approach

The startup with its  people centric approach to workplace management is based on enhancing team connections.  Thus not just managing buildings-via its app the employees can do more than just book resources in the office.

They can also see who is present in the office and easily schedule in-person meetings accordingly.

Furthermore, the data insights help companies optimize office spending. And lets the workplace managers get full oversight of the statistics like consumption and office occupancy at their fingertips. Helping them to create a flexible workplace experience that works for the team as a whole.

Deskbird is revolutionizing the hybrid working landscape Ivan Cossu. As the co-founder and CEO of deskbird said

“With deskbird, we are shaping the new way of working and helping companies to create better flexible workplaces. We are excited to have our existing investor further backing us in the current round and new, experienced investors Fortyone and Rivus Capital joining our journey. 

In regards to funding he said

With the additional capital, we will not only boost our growth to become Europe’s category-leading workplace solution, but also expand our platform around the workplace needs of our target customers.”

Easy Compliance

The startup has constructed itself by keeping its focus on user experience and also offers integrations with most popular office resources. Including MS Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Slack etc. One of the biggest advantages of this startup is that it can comply with IT security, legal, and data privacy requirements of enterprise customers.