Saas Startup Breyta Bags €4.9M For Its CRM Tool

September 12, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Oslo-based SaaS startup Breyta nets funding of  €4.9M in seed funding for  its innovative CRM tools.

The Norwegian startup has secured  €4.9 million in seed funding. In a round led by Peak out of Amsterdam, Snö Ventures and Sondo out of Norway and existing investors. This brings the total capital raised by the young company to over €7 million.

SaaS startups around Europe are becoming popular in each and every sector. Such as  Valuecase is helping businesses in streamlining their selling, Deskbird for powering workplaces, Lumiform and Lendis for managing remote workforce.

This SaaS Startup Is Data Driven For More Collaboration

This SaaS startup offers easy access to get real-time user insights into how an existing customer is using a product. In addition to this, it also lets the users easily connect data where there are chances of customer interaction. And merges all data into one account and one user. Despite where data has come from. It also gives users a single view of the customer throughout their lifecycle. Rather than it being dispersed across various viewpoints.

Tracking Customer Interaction

One of the vital functions Breyta performs is tracking customer interaction thus aiming to offer more data driven results to end users. So, the platform allows the users to access and segment any kind of data that has been fed into the platform.

Consequently, the CRM tool is making it easier for product and commercial people to do a lot of what data engineers and data scientists would normally be hired to do in more technical tools.

Chris Moen, CEO & Co-founder of Breyta:

 “It’s time for a foundational shift in how a CRM should operate and function. Customers demand consistent, personalized, in-the-moment experiences across touchpoints and companies need to be more data-driven and collaborative to achieve that.”

The Norwegian company is aiming to bring more data-driven decisions to collaborative teams to help them in boost their success.