Quavo, is World’s Only Startup that Provides Cloud-Based Fraud &Dispute Management Saas Offerings

December 06, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Cloud-Based Fraud & Dispute Management  Startup Quavo offers a better way to manage frauds by the inculcation of AI technology.

Startup Quavo by combining automated software, AI technology, and human intelligence services is the first of its kind that helps the companies by providing cloud-based fraud & dispute management Saas Offerings.

In the traditional sense, the management of fraud and disputes is an expensive, lengthy, and fragmented process. Subsequently, leading the company towards incomplete recovery and inconsistent resolution. Quavo however claims that its solutions are consistent and effective with hundreds of data points tracked throughout the process additionally supported by dedicated service from the company’s fraud and dispute experts. Quavo wants to digitize the manual processes and dispenses its services to financial institutions and fintech organizations to help them in reducing their losses, ensure compliance, and also aims to deliver real-time resolutions by automating the processes for companies.

Image Credits: Quavo

The company has also recently secured funding of $6 million in terms of the Series A funding round led by FINTOP. One of the reasons Quavo has successfully received such a hefty amount of funding is because of its chargeback management offering for FinTechs and financial institutions and zero implementation costs. With its network association and product enhancement updates.

The startup however aims to use the funding for expansion, stability, and scalability.

Data security for enterprises has become a gigantic challenge because of the rise in data theft,  and fraud. As the stats suggest that $250 million people will have their data compromised by the end of this year.

 Dann Penne, Quavo’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner about the funding opined that

“Quavo is the leading provider of fraud and dispute management technology and services. We’re anticipating this funding to raise Quavo in market recognition and brand awareness.”

Regarding Fintop he said “FINTOP is distinguished in their specialization in FinTech and familiarity scaling companies to the next level. Access to the FINTOP network and with this infusion of capital will drive advances in Quavo’s products and services for existing and future clients.”