Personal Safety App, Walksafe Nets €360K Funding For Its Suite of Tools To Protect People

February 22, 2022 | 2 minutes read

The London-based personal safety app WalkSafe has currently reached the number of 500,000 downloads and has fetched a huge amount of funding.

By 2023, mobile apps are forecasted to generate revenue of over $935 billion. This is mainly due to the rise in the use of mobile apps. From grocery shopping to ride-booking we use mobile apps to carry out each and every task.

Because of the surge in the use of mobile apps and startups bringing new innovative ideas the investors are also pouring down their money into mobile app development. One such app with an innovative idea is the safety app WalkSafe which has recently picked up €360K from well-known investors Fearless Adventures. The app is free to download and helps people get home safely. 

The app is the brainchild of young female entrepreneur Emma kay founded in 2021. The app has a set of safety features to protect people- it contains the recent crime data to show users where the recent hotspots are. The other safety features also include Homesafe and Tap Safe which has been activated 20,000 times in the last six months. The perse feature alerts the user’s close contacts if a user feels unsafe and a dead switch gives the user’s exact last location where their phone was deactivated.

Walksafe has also announced in its press release that it is revamping the version of its app. Indicating that it will help them in increasing the app installation numbers, user acquisition with the key components including paid socials, SEO, UX, influencer partnerships, optimization, and business intelligence.

The app is free to download. Emma Kay highlighting the harassment issues and the fear that women have to face while walking alone in the streets at night shared her experiences. And said that she is lucky to convert her fear into something useful.

“I call WalkSafe the ‘app that shouldn’t have to exist’ as no woman should have to live in fear of violence or the threat of it when they walk from A to B. But, like countless women, I’ve experienced being groped, flashed at and harassed with no provocation. Thankfully, I have been able to turn that fear and danger into something useful. So I’m proud that our technology empowers women, and has quickly become the most popular trusted safety app. To help more women live without this fear, who better to partner with than Fearless? With their best-in-class support, we’ll build a global safety brand that harnesses technology to help save lives. The entrepreneurial team shares our strong values, and with multiple successes under their belt, are the best partner to help us achieve our ambitious goals.”