Oculus had to recall Quest 2 headset pads following the complaints of skin rashes.

July 29, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The black foam padding acts as an irritant to the skin. Virtual reality headset maker Oculus recalls Quest 2 headset with foam padding following the complaints of skin irritation caused. 

The facebook-owned company responded by saying that a “very small percentage of users” experienced the issue. The company is offering a free cover made of silicone to all the Quest 2 headset owners. Facebook has paused the sales till the 24th of August and from then onwards all the Quest 2 headsets will come with the new silicone cover. 

The company announced that the revamped headsets will have twice the internal storage at the same price, something to offer to the disappointed customers. Facebook had previously initiated a replacement program for a small number of customers compared to the now “global recall”.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission commented that it had received 5,716 reports of irritation “including rashes, swelling, burning, itching, hives, and bumps” with 45 incidents that required medical attention out of the four million customers.

Facebook’s VR and AR teams head Andrew Bosworth said: “While the rate of reports is small and the majority of reported cases are minor, we’re committed to ensuring our products are safe and comfortable for everyone who uses them.

Customers can request the replacement from the official Oculus website.

Andrew Bosworth Tweet, Head of Facebook Reality Labs

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Oculus costed less than many of its competitors and this strategy to boost the sales worked for the company. The device was sold out at many places in the run-up to Christmas.