Fintech Nova Credit unlocks credit opportunities for new immigrants for seamless immigration

April 12, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Fintech startup Nova Credit aims to offer financial inclusion for new immigrants for a hassle-free immigration

San-Francisco founded Nova Credit has announced its expansion to Europe with an aim to serve the entire European market. The company’s first launch counter is in the UK where it aims to make seamless immigration for immigrants. Moreover, the fintech startup company also has US clients which include SoFi, Verizon, and American Express. 

Nova Credit’s co-founder Nicky Goulimis will serve the company as the Executive Director of Nova Credit UK. Matt Davies will join the company as Head of UK Market Development with an extensive experience in customer credit. And Collin Galster will serve as VP of International and Director of Nova Credit UK. 

How Nova Credit is helping people?

With millions of immigrants immigrating every year to a new country, the credit bureau is on the mission to spruce up financial inclusion for creditworthy people. Upon the arrival of the immigrants, a lack of credit history makes it difficult for the lenders in the destination country to evaluate. Eventually, they make a great effort to access credit-based products such as credit cards, car finance, or phone contracts or find a benefactor that can secure the apartment. 

When it becomes a hassle for new immigrants in a country, this is where Nova Credit comes in. The company uses the immigrant already-existed credit data from their origin country and transforms it into equivalent scores and makes it useful for lenders in the destination country. 

With an aim to offer hassle-free and convenient financial services to customers around the world, various financial companies are integrating fintech technology into their business models. However, as every customer looks for convenience, offering innovative financial services has become a foremost concern of the finance industry. 

Nova Credit Co-founder and Executive Director, Nicky Goulimis shared:

“Until Nova Credit, there’s been no standardised way for lenders to communicate with credit bureaus around the world. In a world where so much is instinctively interconnected and internationally available with one-click ease, Nova Credit is creating a new world order for global credit data management that makes relocating between countries more frictionless than ever.”