NFT Minting Platform Secures $4.5M

August 12, 2022 | 2 minutes read

London based NFT minting platform has raised $4.5 million in funding.

The NFT fever is not going to abort anytime soon and indubitably their fascination has made them the talk of the town around the globe. Their huge advantages such as ability to prove ownership, authenticity and transferability have instigated their popularity much more than ever. As per estimate 1000-1500 NFTs are made per week for sale.

Emergence of metaverse  as well as increase in blockchain technology has also prompted many startups to jump in to NFT world. For instance Komon, La Collection. Zywa and Yuga Labs etc.

Many startups are also stepping up to grant easy  access of NFTs to the masses. One such startup is Intiated by a group of engineers  Isaac Kamlish, Isaac Bentata Chocron and Nathan Cohen.

NFT Minting platform FairXYZ
NFT Minting platform FairXYZ team

The NFT platform is all about building consumer products in Web 3. The ultimate aim of the startup is to become a one stop shop for creators-it claims that creators can launch NFT collections in minutes in a fair, safe, and transparent way all whilst enjoying the transaction cost. Also creators have full ownership over their collections and can tap into a wide of collectors.

Furthermore , for the launch the  collectors only need two things- their artwork and crypto wallet. According to the startup their technology prioritizes real collectors and removes malicious actors, scripts and bots. The platform handles everything else-collection homepage, minting integration, on-chain deployment, metadata generation,marketplace royalties,reveal experience,pre-sale access and much more

The startup has also recently secured $4.5 million in a round led by VC firm Eden Block with participation from OpenSea, NFX and firstminute capital.